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CSS3 Colorful Gradients : “Hard Rain”

Yohanes Steven
June 29th, 2018

*Ditulis pertama kali tanggal 1 Juni 2012 di blog Tentu Creative

Love rainbows? I got a treat for you. “Hard Rain” is a colorful gradient package consisting of gradients composed by an incomplete set of the rainbow’s color.

The Early Rain

Source Code : Click Here
Class Name  : earlyrain

The Late Rain

Source Code : Click Here
Class Name  : laterain

The Blind Rain

Source Code : Click Here
Class Name  : blindrain

How to use gradients downloaded from Damnilovecss.com

1. After you have downloaded the source code, you can include them in <HEAD> section of your projects by using the code :

<link href="%FILEPATH%/hardraing.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

2. Now you can use the gradient by including the classname of the gradient. For example, I am going to use earlyrain gradient. I can use the code :

<div class="earlyrain" style="width:300px; height:30px;"></div>

That’s it! Hope you have fun, and feel free to do so!

*About The Author: Yohanes Steven is a Web Designer with a passion in coffee. He survived cancer in December 2010 and have intended to inspire the world ever since

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